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Albedo 100 Animal

Albedo 100 Animal


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Albedo100 Animal (Horse and Pets)

Semi-transparent spray with reflective properties intended for use on fur. Washable Waterproof (rain resistant). After application, the spray has a light gray shade, which has highly reflective properties in the dark.

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Albedo100 Animal (Horse and Pets) is a semi-transparent spray with reflective properties designed for use on fur. After application, the spray has a light gray shade, which has highly reflective properties in the dark.

The reflex effect of the spray is useful for evening walks with the dog, when riding a horse and even to mark your cat! In combination with the Invisible Bright spray used on clothing, you will significantly increase the safety of you and your animals with reduced visibility.

Washable – Waterproof (rain resistant)

Albedo100 Animal spray has the greatest effect when applied to animal fur. The most effective method of application is to the limbs or moving parts of the body, such as the tail, to achieve the best possible reflex effect. Test the effect by shining a strong flashlight at eye level on the sprayed surface. Alternatively, you can take a picture with the flash camera or look at the sprayed object from a distance from the car with the headlights on. The applied spray can be easily washed off with soap or shampoo water and does not affect the coat.

Use the spray only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Shake the vial vigorously for more than 1 minute (at least 20 seconds after hearing the ball inside). Repeat the shaking during application.

After shaking, apply the spray immediately with even movements from a distance of approximately 30 cm. When spraying, hold the container upright with the nozzle up. Do not apply too much. The varnish dries after a few minutes at normal room temperature.

After use, clean the nozzle by turning the container down and spraying it for 1-2 seconds.

Important: Do not aim the nozzle at the animal’s face. In the case of intense movement of the animal in nature, we recommend continuous application of the spray to maintain its effect. If the animal’s coat is thick, we recommend applying the spray from a greater distance or for a longer period of time. The shelf life of the applied spray is up to one week. To restore the full reflective effect, apply another coat. For best visibility, apply to moving parts of the body such as the limbs or tail.


Tip! You can easily create reflective signs and symbols by cutting out a template and applying spray over it.

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