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Suitable for the treatment of dermatoses and excessive hair loss in dogs and cats

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nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with a high content of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 in an ideal ratio of 1: 2 and with phytosterols to improve skin function in dermatoses and excessive hair loss

  • phytosterols (min. 5%) are natural plant substances which, due to their chemical structure serve as a precursor of numerous hormones, enzymes and vitamins, have anti-inflammatory and anti-itchy effects, due to their similarity to steroids, but unlike them have no side effects
  • essential fatty acids in a balanced ratio, which strengthen the skin barrier, prevent the skin from drying out and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They also have a positive effect on the reconstruction of the skin barrier integrity
  • selenium protects against the effects of free radicals
  • zinc maintains elasticity and hydration of skin and coat
  • biotin is indispensable for skin formation and hair growth
  • vitamin E
  • due to its high palatability, it is well received by animals
  • can be administered orally or, in the case of smaller lesions, topically


Soybean oil, fish oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, milk thistle, corn germ oil.

Proteins 1.1%, fats 93.2%, fiber 0.5%, ash 0.5%.

Essential fatty acids:

to. alpha-linolene 31 mg / g
to. eicosapentaene 43 mg / g
to. docsahexaene 28 mg / g
omega 6 acids: k. linoleic 233 mg / g

Additives in 1000 g:

lecithin 100 g
vit.E 10000 mg
zinc 1500 mg
selenium 10 mg
biotin 5000 mg


Serve mixed into the feed:

  • cats up to 10 kg once a day 1 ml
  • dogs up to 10 kg once a day 1 ml, 10-20 kg once a day 2 ml, over 20 kg once a day 3 ml

(1 full pump depression = 1.4 ml)

When applied topically, rub the affected areas twice a day.

The recommended time of administration is at least 6 weeks. The nutritional supplement can only be fed up to 5% of the daily ration (due to the high selenium content).

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