Laxative pasta

Laxative pasta

Laxative pasta


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Nutritional supplement for cats and kittens.

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Paste for cats and kittens intended for prevention of problems caused by hair rolls in the digestive tract . These occur when cats clean and swallow their hair. These can then form in the stomach so-called. trichobezoars (tufts), which then results in vomiting, coughing, constipation and vomiting.


Malt syrup, fats and oils, glycerin, hydrolysed vegetable protein (soy, corn), rapeseed oil, sodium chloride

Additives in 1 kg of product: vitamin E 10 IE

Quality characteristics: proteins 1.2%, fats and oils 40%, fiber 10.8%, ash 0.7%


Preventive administration: 0.5 cm of paste once a week to kittens and 1-1.5 cm of paste to cats once a week

Administration in case of problems: kittens 1.5 cm of paste daily for 3 days, cats 2.5 cm of paste daily for 3 days.

The paste is applied directly to the mouth or to the front paw, which the cat licks.


At room temperature. Mon 1. use within 6 months of opening.

Keep out of reach of children, for animals only.


70 g

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70 g


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  1. Arvada

    Chlupy kocek a kotat se mohou kumulovat a formovat v zazivacim aparatu do tzv.pilobezoaru a zpusobit tak zazivaci poruchy. Prevence pilobezoaru je pravidelne kartacovani a pouzivani laxative pasty.

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